The Twins are growing up….

fawn buck4

Last night I was doing my coding at home when my husband called me to the kitchen to show me we had some visitors.  Momma was in the front yard so I wasn’t able to get out and take photos of her but the twins were in the back yard. I snuck out quietly onto the back deck to take some photos.  They are growing up so fast, hard to believe they are the little spotted fawns I was photographing so recently. 

fawn doe3


It appears we have a buck and a doe baby.  He is going to be a big feller in time too. :)   You can see they were watching me pretty close, just look at the eye I am being given….

fawn buck2

They come right into the yard where we have been working to put in more fencing for the dogs to run.  I am guessing they won’t be so happy once the fence is done.

fawn buck

fawn buck3

fawn doe2

It is really neat to watch them grow, they come to visit almost every night now. I think they are eating the branches we cut out and put through the wood chipper as they weren’t coming in this close before this pile of chips/branches was in the yard. 

fawn doe

fawn buck5

They look so skinny and gangly yet….


Just having fun..

boat oar

Just having a little fun.  Took the camera around the yard to see what I could find to shoot that was different.  This is a oar in the fishing boat we have.

rusty hub

The remains from a brake job and an old sofa, waiting to be taking for recycling.  Played with the colors for a little special interest effects.

faucet blue

Our faucet and garden hose, I turned it all to black and white and turned the handle blue.  It is fun experimenting with the colors to see what effects one can come up with and how you can change the tone/mood of simple objects.

purple black

Again with the color play, I turned just the one leaf green and part of the red rose I turned more purple.


I found a few critters posing nicely for me so I tossed them into my mix for the day.



I had a beautiful deer posing perfectly in my yard last night, she was eating the brush and chips we had left after working all day.  By the time I had gone for the camera, the dog had scared her into the trees a little way.  I wish I had seen her before the going to put the dogs out. I still did manage this shot of her though.deer  She was this close too, I didn’t zoom/crop this photo at all.  We are expanding the fence area for the dogs to have room to run and we cleaning out brush, she was eating the freshly chipped trees/branches I had put through the wood chipper just hours before this photo. Better she eat this then my roses, she has been eating the roses far too much lately.


Memories of a fun day with a fun gal…..

fawndoerosa 004a

Thinking back to a day JoVonna and I spent at a place called Fawn Doe Rosa in Wisconsin.  JoVonna started as my Kinship friend when she was a young gal of 10.  She is now an adult but we are still friends. 

fawndoerosa 054a

Fawn Doe Rosa is a petting zoo we went to for the day and had a lot of fun.  I think she was enjoying feeding the deer even though there was one special deer that had a bad cold.  He had snot all over his face and gave a nice sneeze all over JoVonna while she was feeding him.  I laughed pretty hard, I am not so sure she enjoyed it as much though.  It was pretty gross…..

fawndoerosa 050a

fawndoerosa 038a2

fawndoerosa 034a

These deer really wanted that corn she had and couldn’t get pretty pesky for it.  Sometimes they would literally corner her and take it from her… 

fawndoerosa 073a

fawndoerosa 072a

fawndoerosa 071a

It is pretty cool to be able to get that close to a wild animal like this, they are free to roam and come and go from the farm at will.  I think I liked that the best, that they weren’t caged up at all.

fawndoerosa 004a

fawndoerosa 070a

fawndoerosa 059b

fawndoerosa 056b

fawndoerosa 052a

fawndoerosa 025a2

This little guy was in a pen but it was a very large pen.  I believe he/she was an orphan they were taking care of though.

fawndoerosa 016a

fawndoerosa 017a

fawndoerosa 020a

fawndoerosa 022a

Then there was this really goofy looking duck, I swear someone made a little old fashioned bonnet for it to wear…. it sure looks like it is wearing a hat of some sort. 

fawndoerosa 027a

Doesn’t she remind you of old Aunt Hilda from the 50′s???? :)

fawndoerosa 031a

They had some neat old buildings around the property that I enjoyed shooting.  I wish I had the camera I have now back then, this day was all shot with my old Rebel XT.  It was a really good camera for starting out but nothing like my current camera. 

fawndoerosa 092a

fawndoerosa 091a

fawndoerosa 035a

fawndoerosa 077a

fawndoerosa 086a

This is the one disturbing photo I took at the park that day.  I didn’t like that they caged up this poor bear and a cage to small for him to possibly be happy.  Not sure what the story was behind the bear but all the other animals had a pretty good home with room to roam.  Just not this poor guy, maybe he had been hurt and needed to be there but he paced and paced and didn’t look happy to me.  I wished I could let him go.

fawndoerosa 096a3

fawndoerosa 101b

fawndoerosa 107a

JoVonna made another friend this day, this llama took a real liking to her.

fawndoerosa 107a2

fawndoerosa 108a3

I love the expression on her face here, she looks at this llama like “watch it there mister”….

fawndoerosa 110a

fawndoerosa 111a

fawndoerosa 112b

fawndoerosa 181a

JoVonna thought she was going to sit and relax a bit….. Mr. Llama had a different thought here. 

fawndoerosa 184a

fawndoerosa 186a

It was pretty funny when she noticed him….

fawndoerosa 187a

fawndoerosa 189a2

fawndoerosa 188a

fawndoerosa 190a

fawndoerosa 192a

fawndoerosa 191a

All Right, enough is enough, I am out of here……

fawndoerosa 193a

fawndoerosa 125a2

This guy wanted some of the food too…. I think he was trying to escape…

fawndoerosa 133a

One really cute pig that came to say hi…

fawndoerosa 116a

fawndoerosa 149a

Some other cute critters that came to visit, this was a little Shetland Pony baby.

fawndoerosa 204a

And a little calf wanted in on the eats as well.  All in all I think we had a fun day. 




It’s Twins……

fawn twin

So, once again I headed out for my walk with Camie. I debated carrying the camera but it had been raining all day and I was worried more rain would move in while I was out.  As I was headed home, I saw a cute little fawn standing in the swamp again.  I don’t know if it was the same one I saw a week or two ago, it had grown a lot if it was.  I went home and switched dogs to give Ares his walk and decided to go the opposite direction and take the camera, see if maybe the fawn was still there.

fawn twin1

It was further into the swamp now and I couldn’t get a clear shot but took a few photos anyway.  At this point I had to try, right?

twin fawn 2

I took Ares up around the corner and turned around and came back, the fawn had now moved to where I could get a better shot of it.  I started shooting and received a nice surprise…..

twin fawn 7

Another fawn moved into my picture…. twins… no sign of momma anywhere but I was okay taking photos of these two while they politely posed for me.

twin fawn 3

twin fawn 8

twin fawn 9

twin fawn 6

I thought maybe momma had alerted them and they were going to leave me, they look about ready to run.  The one did back away out of the pictures after this but I took a few more of the single baby.

twin fawn 5

twin fawn 10

twin fawn 4

I need to always carry the camera along on my walks I learned, I seem to miss a lot when I don’t.  It can be a handful with the dogs and all but can be worth it as well. You just never know what you will see when you get out there….

Hummingbirds….. facts I find interesting and didn’t know


So, every time I went to the window today, this little guy was just sitting perched on a branch.  He would be resting but he would remind me of a dog panting he was breathing so hard.  He had a little tongue going in and out too.  I had never seen a hummingbird sit perched for so long like this one was doing.  I was wondering if this was normal or not.


I went on line to do some research and found a lot of interesting things I was unaware of about the hummingbird.

Hummingbirds drink nectar, we all knew this.  Did you know they are able to detect the amount of sugar in the nectar of flowers?  They will reject flowers where the nectar is less then 10% sugar.  Nectar doesn’t provide the nutrients they need so they get their protein, vitamins and minerals by eating insects and spiders.  This had me wondering if this little guy above wasn’t maybe perched and eating the mosquitoes and gnats flying around us. 

Hummingbirds do not spend their whole day flying, they actually spend the majority of their day perching. That explains why this guy was sitting every time I looked out….. :)

Hummingbirds eat many small meals and consume half their weight in pure sugar.  Hummingbirds will starve easily so they keep attuned to their food sources. They will actually spend 10-15% of their day feeding and 75-80% just sitting perched and digesting what they ate. They will actually slow down their metabolism at night or when food isn’t readily available and go into a hibernation of sorts called torpor.

Based on this, I guess it was completely normal for this little guy to just sit in my vine all day.  He sat for a while in one of my ash trees too.  Because I usually only see them fluttering in to feed, I thought this was abnormal behavior, I was wrong. :)   Very interesting, the little hummingbird.

Return of the Hummingbirds


The Hummingbirds returned to my Trumpet Vine this weekend.  They are supposed to be attracted to Weigela as well and would be on my Weigela bushes at the old house.  At this house I have yet to see them there, only on my Trumpet Vine and once on the roses.


I have been looking out for them since the flowers started to open and last night I finally saw them return.  I knew they were in the area as I had seen them a couple weeks ago by the pond.


And to be able to catch the male this time as well.  He is a lot shyer and more suspicious of me.  Last year I could get the female to keep approaching while I was out there but never the male.


It was overcast so his color didn’t get shown off as it should, I was hoping to get out there for more photos this morning but the rain moved in.  It wasn’t predicted until late afternoon into evening but moved in early.


Since it is raining, seemed a good time to do a blog on the photos I did manage to capture of them yesterday.  It takes some patience but it is worth it. I set up my lawn chair against the garage and sit quietly, you don’t even have to open your eyes to know when they arrive.  You hear the thrumming of the wings and you just know they are there.  They will come up and look right into the camera and check me out periodically.  I haven’t managed to capture a shot of them doing that yet as they move so quickly.


I will keep trying until I do though. :)   They move in and flutter around drinking for maybe a minute and are gone for about 20 minutes before fluttering in again.


I can hear them around me though before they come in, they make a unique chirping sound that I will hear for the time they are away from sight.  I really like these little guys. 


They are a lot of fun to watch and capture in photos.  We have to be careful to keep the porch doors shut as they have gotten themselves trapped in the porch more than once and I had to help them find their way back out.  Man they can move fast…. :)

I really look forward to their return every year and was happy to see them yesterday.

Critters of the back yard…..


So I was mowing the lawn the other day when this little guy went slithering away from me.  He had legs but slithered like a snake instead of using the legs.  I had never seen one in real life before but this is what they call a Skink. 


Of course I had to immediately stop the lawn mowing and run in the house for the camera.  Can’t miss a shot of this cute little guy.  Who knows when he might come around again.


Once  I saw this guy, I got a little sidetracked with the camera and it took a bit before the lawn was finished being mowed, it did get done though eventually.



I found a couple cute little toads hopping around the garden beds and posing nicely for the camera.


And I found this turtle that I am wondering if she was laying her eggs for the season.  She was up in the yard and had a patch of loose dirt under her back end that looked recently dug up and patted down.  I don’t think she cared for me being around very much but I took a few shots before leaving her alone anyway.


Heading down to the pond, I found a pair of Mallards waiting to be photographed.

mallard itch3

Momma appeared to have a bad itch…. haha… she modeled for me for quite a while.

mallard itch2

mallard itch


duck itch2

Hubby was left hanging around waiting for her to get done and head out with him to other waters.  He was a little more nervous of me being there with a camera.



I headed out for my walk with the dogs and found this sparrow posing on a post for me.  Very kind of him to sit for the camera.

Back down to our pond, there are all kinds of birds catching bugs off the water.




out for a walk

This female Red Winged Blackbird decided to take a walk when she saw the camera.

female red wing2

But not until after she posed for a few shots and dove a the water for food for a while.

female red wing

A few other birds that were down around the pond, various finches and sparrows can usually be found down there.







It has been an ideal spring for those wonderful mosquitoes. I think they are about the size of a horsefly this year.  Thankfully, we have an abundance of my friends the dragonfly.  I really like dragonflies a lot, really unique critter.  And, they love to eat all my mosquitoes for me, feast away guys, please…..



The Blandings Turtles have also been making a regular appearance on the pond.  I am always happy to see these guys.

blandings refleection

These are just some mushrooms that appeared in my garden and I thought were kind of cool.


And my Iris finally opened, this is the first flower of the year on these.  I now have quite a few open.  Kind of late with the late spring but better late then never.


I don’t know what this little green bug is, cute though isn’t he?   Sort of…..

green bug

That is my explorations of the yard for this week, feels good to be getting back out there.

fence post

The fence post in our front yard, why not right?

float plane

And while I was out there hanging out with my buggy friends, this plane flew over so, of course, I had to photograph it too. You never know what you will find when you walk out your front door with a camera in hand.  You often find things you would have never seen if you weren’t looking through a macro or zoom lens.  Give it a try…. it is a whole new world.


Back to blogging…

nesting goose2

It has been a busy couple of months and I haven’t been able to get to my blog.  I did manage to get out and take photos here and there, just couldn’t get them loaded onto the computer.

I have been working a good 60 hours per week filling in for our medical coder who has been on a new product launch project.  This finally launched June 1st and I hope to get back to my fun after this next week.  She took a vacation this coming week so I will have one more busy week to get through.

Along with this extra work, I have been proof reading another 4 book series for an author I know.  I am almost finished with book 4.  This is a fun series of books for the young adult, the Gabendoor Series by J. Michael Blumer.

nesting goose

The geese nested on our pond again this spring and I was looking forward to a lot of fun baby photo opportunities again.  We ended up getting a late 15 inch dumping of snow followed by a rain storm a week or so later and I worried about the nest getting flooded.

nest under water

I came out one morning to find my fears were coming true, the geese were off the nest and the island they nested on was flooded over.  I felt really bad for the pair, even though we don’t need more geese around.

back on nest

The geese did go back to the nest and I wondered, had they been nesting but hadn’t laid any eggs yet? Were they sitting on a dead nest waiting for eggs that would never hatch? I hated to think of them wasting day after day on a nest that would never hatch.

new borns

One day I found both geese at the nest, one on the nest and the other sitting close by.  The one on the nest no longer seemed to be laying on the nest though, she seemed to be up and tending to something.  Did she  have babies in there with her now, you can see she is up and her head is down attending to something.  I was hopeful she hadn’t lost her babies after all. By the time I came home the next day, they were gone.  I found them at the neighbors.

geese babies

And sure enough, they had their babies.  There are several families over there so I am not sure which is ours or how many babies they had.  I just know that they nest on the different islands in the ponds in the area and once they are old enough to leave the nest they all congregate at the neighbors where he has a bigger, cleaner pond for them instead of our swamp pond.


New Born Fawn

shy fawn4

Found this little baby when I was out walking my dog the other day.  I went home and got the camera, came back and   he was still there.  He looked alone and frightened, I am hoping momma was around and I just couldn’t see her.

shy fawn

I finished my second dog walk and came back, still there in the same spot, standing in a swamp of water.  Very new born so momma had to be close and watching.

shy fawn3

I went home and was worried about him so I tried to make some   calls, it was a Sunday and the DNR and everybody was closed for the weekend.  I went back and he was gone so I am assuming he and momma went away and all is fine.  At least I keep telling myself that.

shy fawn2

He was adorable and I wanted to just take him home with me. 

Return of the Blandings Turtle


So I received a brand new lens in the mail the other day and had to try it out.  Wasn’t quite sure what I was doing but took it down to the swamp to play with it and get an idea of what it could do.  I saw a dark lump across the swamp and zoomed in, my first sighting this year of the Blandings Turtle.  For an additional surprise you can see the bird I caught in the foreground. This turned out to be a Blue Winged Teal…..I had no idea they were around my yard.

blue winged teal

Because I was focused on the turtle in the back, the ducks aren’t real clear up front.  I wish I had realized they were there and something different.  I had seen movement but thought it was the female Wood duck or Mallard that are always on the pond. I had to do a little digging on the internet to identify this one once I found it in the picture.

blue winged teal2

I will definitely have to watch for more of these once this rainy stops. Right now I am worried poor momma and papa goose that are nesting on the island again are going to lose the nest.  The water is getting pretty high up with that last snow and now all the rain.

nesting goose2

Hopefully we will have all kinds of babies out there with all these different species nesting, they can be a nuisance to have around at times but beautiful and fun to photograph.

nesting goose

The geese have actually started coming right up in the front yard and driveway this spring which gets messy. It is good to see them return and know that spring is starting up again.